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The Wag The Dog curated newsletter blends insights on Risk, Crisis and Emergency Communication with the evolving roles of technology and AI. Get actionable strategies and expert opinions delivered straight to your inbox—transforming the way you work.

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Why subscribers love the Wag The Dog Newsletter.

“Philippe's Wag the Dog's Newsletter serves as a strategic guide through the dynamic fields of public relations, corporate communications, risk and crisis management, and artificial intelligence. It offers clarity and practical advice, proving essential for professionals in these areas.”

Faris MahmutovicProgram Officer @ UNAIDS

“I am really enjoying reading this newsletter. The content is thought-provoking, and extremely useful to me in my current research looking at public trust and risk communication.”

Charlotte DimondDirector, Sidekick PR

“Being both a practitioner and a professor in crisis management, I’m constantly working at building bridges between theories. Your newsletter - short but substantial - has arrived as a new, fresh tool helping me to close that gap. Well done!”

Luciano LuffarelliAdjunct Professor, Issues & Crisis Communication, Università IULM, Milano

“Wag The Dog is a first-rate newsletter. Philippe is a true expert in crisis communications, and he is at the forefront of the intersection between AI and crisis response. Every installment of Wag The Dog is insightful - a must-read for anyone working in crisis communications.”

Jenny Hurley-FlynnSenior Consultant REKT Partners

“In the context of a world increasingly susceptible to pandemics, the strategies and approaches outlined in "Wag The Dog" have proven to be instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of my approach to disseminating public health information across diverse groups, including communities, individuals, and especially those populations most at risk. I can’t stop thanking the author!”

Oliver JahCommunications Officer at Liberia One Health Platform

“The Wag The Dog Newsletter is interesting. I particularly enjoy how it uses scenarios to clarify ideas and provides practical tips regarding emergency risk & crisis communication, making the content both informative and actionable. The recommendations for podcasts and articles are also a great touch, offering further learning opportunities. It is concise and insightful. Thank you, Philippe Borremans.”

Roaa AlmarwaniRisk Communication Senior Expert at SFDA

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