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Report: Artificial Intelligence in Crisis Response: Perspectives from Communication Experts

An analysis of how AI is used and perceived in Crisis, Risk and Emergency Communication.

Report: AI in Crisis Response: Perspectives from Communication Experts

The report analyses how AI is changing risk, crisis, and emergency communication worldwide.🌍

Key insights include:

  • Practical AI applications in crisis management

  • The benefits and challenges of integrating AI into communication strategies

  • Perspectives on AI across different experience levels and sectors

  • Geographical insights into AI adoption and attitudes

  • The critical need for education and understanding of AI in our field

The report is based on a survey of 84 professionals from around the world, offering diverse experiences and perspectives.

It shows that AI is a useful tool for improving efficiency, accuracy, and personalisation in crisis communication. However, it also raises ethical concerns, the risk of spreading misinformation, and the need for human interaction.

The survey found a major obstacle to using AI in crisis communication: people don't understand its benefits or how to use it effectively.

This barrier affects both newcomers and experienced professionals with over twenty years of experience.

As one participant from the United Kingdom with 11–20 years of experience in the public/government sector, aptly put it:

"People don’t fully understand the benefits and how to use it effectively."

And that is exactly why my focus, as a consultant and professional trainer, will be to create e-learning courses and educational tools for crisis, risk, and emergency communication professionals in 2024. (More on this soon.)

A big thank you to those of you who contributed to the survey. These insights would not have been possible without your input and feedback.

You can download the full report and analysis by clicking on the button below. It will give you a direct download of the report in PDF format.

Did you check out my crisis and emergency communication resources yet? You can download templates, checklists, and practical guidance on this page. You will find tools such as a Crisis Communication Plan Template, the Audience Canvas for Emergency Communication, and much more.

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