The Crisis Communication Role Player GPT and the Job Board

Announcing the job board and the crisis communicator role player coach.

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I am currently in Brussels on a break, but the Wag The Dog Newsletter doesn’t stop!

In this edition, I announce two tools I developed that I think can help us all in different ways.

The first one is a risk and crisis communication-specific job board, and the second one is a crisis communications role play GPT.

Let me know what you think!

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The Job Board for Crisis, Risk, and Emergency Communication Professionals

Find the vacancies you’re interested in. The job board will only list vacancies in our field of work and is available to all.

If you have vacancies to announce, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. There are different options available to promote your vacancy, and the search function is completely free for those of you who are looking for a change.

The Crisis Communication Role Player

Role play different crises depending on your level of experience and receive constructive feedback on your actions.

This GPT has been programmed and trained on good practices and takes into account your skill level. You can even specify which kind of scenario you would like to role-play.

Here’s what an early tester of the GPT sent me as feedback:

I have just spent a thrilling half hour role playing a product recall. What a fantastic tool! I can imagine communication teams taking real learning an value from it. Excellent tool.

Jenny Caven, Writer and strategic communication advisor

You will need a ChatGPT account to use it. I hope you’ll enjoy the tool, and don’t hesitate to send feedback.

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What I am reading/testing/checking out:

  • Article: Almost an Agent: What GPTs can do via Ethan Mollick

  • Tool: useful GPT4o frameworks

  • Tool: Spark Email, a fast, cross-platform email client designed to filter out the noise, supported by AI.

  • Article: Turning Threats Into Opportunities: Effective Management Of Information Crises In Business via Forbes.

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