Top Crisis, Risk, and Emergency Communication Podcasts for Insightful Listening

A list of curated crisis podcasts for your ears.

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Dear reader,

I'm sending another email this week to share my favourite podcasts related to crisis, risk, and emergency communication.

Some of you are avid podcast listeners, and I thought it would be interesting to compare “audio notes”.

What did I miss? If you know of other podcasts that focus on our area of work, please share!

Happy listening 🎧

PS: All links are Spotify links.

The International Risk Podcast discusses the most interesting international risk trends from around the world. Each week, host Dominic Bowen speaks with contemporary and interesting risk specialists from different countries.

Interviews, stories, and lessons learned from experienced crisis leaders with host, Tom Mueller, a veteran crisis manager and trainer with more than 30 years.

Every week, Edward Segal talks about how different organisations handle crises and gives advice on how to deal with and recover from them.

The Crisis Beat Podcast is an exploration of the dynamic world of corporate crisis communications. Join them as they explore the corporate wins and losses in this arena and dig deep into the best practices, tools, tactics, and tricks that business leaders need to know.

Global perspectives and conversations about international crisis, preparedness, and how to build more resilient societies in a challenging and ever-changing world.

And then there’s my podcast as well… I initially started the podcast years ago as a general PR podcast (season 1). However, it now provides audio versions of my articles specifically related to risk, crisis, and emergency communication (season 2).

Here are some of my latest podcast episodes:

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, PocketCast and many more.

To close, I am sharing an episode of the FIR podcast (the longest-running PR-focused show), which covers my Artificial Intelligence in Crisis Response: Perspectives from Communication Experts report.


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