2023 In Review: Crisis, Risk, Emergency Communication and AI

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As 2023 draws to a close, I look back on the journey of covering the fields of crisis, risk and emergency communication, and AI. It has been a year of big changes and challenges, but also great new discoveries.

Artificial intelligence in crisis communication:

This year, I've been exploring the evolving role of AI. From surveys on its use in crisis scenarios to exploring its role in combating online harassment, the impact of AI, particularly the latest developments in GPT-4, has been a focus.

The intersection of AI with public relations and crisis management brought new challenges and opportunities and changed our approach to communication strategies.

Crisis communication strategies and tools:

The findings from the US National Preparedness Report were particularly insightful and offered global strategies that were adapted to local circumstances.

The introduction of the 4-Rs of resilience provided a new framework for crisis management that emphasises resilience, resourcefulness, rapid recovery, and redundancy.

Theoretical perspectives and analyses:

This year, we also looked closely at theoretical perspectives. Comparing basic theories in crisis and risk communication helped us better understand the foundations of our practice.

Studying OpenAI's post-Altman communications strategy revealed how changes in leadership and strategy in big tech companies can greatly affect public relations.

Ethical considerations in the use of AI in crisis situations led to the development of a code of ethics that represents a commitment to responsible practice.

The strategic outlook for 2024 gave us insight into future trends and prepared us for the evolving landscape of crisis communication.

Special topics and interactive content:

The concept of Red Teaming was discussed as a proactive approach to crisis preparedness.

In addition, the use of podcasts and artificial intelligence in emergencies has opened up new avenues for effective communication in crisis scenarios.

Tools and Templates for PR and Communication Professionals

I also started to develop and share tools and templates in the context of risk and crisis communication. These include:

Some newsletter insights for 2023:

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Of the 31 articles, these are my top posts:

  • Crisis Communication Competencies: do we have what it takes? 1.4K Impressions

  • Your Expertise Needed: Drafting a Code of Ethics for AI in Crisis Communication. 1.3K Impressions

  • Risk = Hazard + Outrage - Dr. Peter Sandman Responds. 1.3K Impressions

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